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ZyXEL NWA5301-NJ Standalone & Controller On-Wall AP Business WLAN

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    ZyXEL NWA5301-NJ, wall-plate Unified access point, 2.4GHz, white

    Typical Wi-Fi deployments in a hotel usually place access points in hallways and hidden plenum spaces, the main purposes are to prevent theft and to avoid design disagreement between the high-tech AP and tasteful hotel interior design. However, this commonly seen deployment method and the hotel building structure usually disrupt Wi-Fi service to cause unnecessary complaints from customers.

    The NWA5301-NJ with innovative wall-plate design has been conceived to provide Wi-Fi services from one room to another. To provide modern services for hotel guests, the NWA5301-NJ integrates PoE and phone connectivity in a box to extend services with minimized investment. Zyxel’s unified AP design enables NWA5301-NJ to perform as a stand-alone access point or a controller managed AP to provide deployment and management alternatives.

    • 2.4GHz
    • 2x2 Embedded antennas

    Dimensions(WxDxH): 85x37.4x138mm
    Weight: 172g

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