The following instructions below is about complaint in a clearer way than the purchase conditions applies to complaint of product.

If you want to return a broken product, apply for RMA on Service & Help, where you will get a free return shipping label and return the product for troubleshooting. Some products are we replacing immediately and we don't take it back, this is shown when you apply for RMA. do not pay shipping costs from the use of other shipping than above.

If we value that a product is not affected by defects covered by the factory warranty, the product is returned against shipping cost for the return and return shipment of 100 DKK incl. VAT.

Before the customer may be charged for additional repair or troubleshooting, the customer will be asked.

Complaints of goods must be submitted within a reasonable time from when you as a customer discovered, or should have discovered the error. The warranty for a product ceases in all circumstances after 3 years

To avoid unnecessary complaints, please contact the manufacturer of the product first.

To complaint an item you agree to our complaints and warranty terms.

In case of a confusion, Teknikproffset always follows ARN:s recommendations.