Puro Sony Xperia XA2, 0.3 Nude Cover, transp

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Puro 0.3 Nude Cover for Sony Xperia XA2

The 0.3 Nude Cover is ultra thin and ultra flexible, perfect for those who don’t want to alter the design of the device. Realized in perfectly transparent colors and embellished by the ultralight weight, the 0.3 Nude Cover is the ideal mix between elegance and protection. The 0.3 Nude Cover permits free access to all the commands, ensuring a quick and easy use.

Compatible with: Sony Xperia XA2

• Ultra transparent
• Thin and light cover
• Protection from scratches
• Impact Resistant
• Stylish Design
• QI Compatible

  • Specifikationer
  • : Gennemsigtig
    Produkttype: Telefon etui
    Telefon model: Xperia XA2
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